About the authors:

Judy Harrow is High Priestess of Proteus Coven, a liberal Gardnerian coven in the western suburbs of New York City, and devoted Grandmother to several covens in that lineage. As a retired civil servant in the best Gardnerian tradition, she is now a full-time writer, teacher and priestess, also maintaining a small private counseling practice. Judy holds an M.S. degree in counselling from City University of New York.

Gwyneth Harrow is Judy's  former wife. She counts birds way up north, far away from any modern conveniences, and commutes between the very westernmost West Coast and Massachusetts. Gwyneth holds an advanced degree in an utterly unrelated field from an obscure provincial university. For fun, she edits religious texts, including little books like this. 

During our marriage, we were working partners as well, collaborating on writing projects like this one. However, Anglo-American inconsistencies in spelling continually plagued us, so you will find Americanisms and Anglicisms both within these pages.


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