About this book:

We intend these notes for use by Pagan elders who are working as clergy for their people, and by those brave people who preparing to become elders, and who are working toward that goal, preferably with the support of a circle and the guidance of an elder. This book contains some of what we have learned up until now, but it is hardly the last word on the subject. As usual with us, this is a work in progress. We hope to receive your advice, corrections, inspirations, great ideas, criticisms and manifestos concerning this book. Please email Judy with your feedback.

As you might expect from Wiccan High Priestesses, our primary religious vocabulary is Wiccan. But these notes were intended for Pagans of all Paths, and for anybody else who may find them useful. We hope that our Druid, Heathen, Reconstructionist (and anybody else we may have missed) readers will not feel left out, and will make any translation that is necessary to suit their own Paths.

We dedicate these notes to all those who seek to learn how to better serve their Gods, their People, and their Earth.


Thanks are due to our colleagues, who conscientiously or unwittingly shared the fortes and foibles of their experiences with departure issues, and to Margot Adler, Meredydd Harper, and Barry Marin, who helped write Tough Healing, presented as an appendix to this book. 

 Thanks are also due to our own elders who gave us the benefit of their hard-won insights, and to our dear friend, the late Lady Galadriel, who shared some of her ritual ideas with us. Mistakes, as usual, remain our responsibility.

Cautions to the reader:

Opinions expressed within these notes are solely those of the authors and are not to be construed as the opinions or positions of our covens, the organizations to which we belong, or any particular Tradition of our religion.

Thoughts here shared are not intended to become the basis for the next Pagan fad, nor should they supplant what you learn from your Circle, your elders, your Tradition or your own experience and inspiration.


Copyright to original material contained herein, including rights to printed and electronic reproduction and distribution including all means henceforth to be devised, is retained by Judy Harrow and Gwyneth Harrow, © 2001, 2012.

This notebook, like all the other notebooks in this series, are our free gift to the Pagan Community. We hope that you will pay this gift forward. Accordingly, you may use these notes only for not-for-profit purposes of study and teaching. You may freely make copies of these notes for your students and colleagues, provided that the text is not altered and credit is given to the authors.  No further permission is required for copies made for this purpose.

These notes may not be reproduced for commercial gain.

You may not incorporate these notes or portions thereof in a work for commercial sale.

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