Chapter 10: Parting thoughts

We have come a long way in the past fifty years, from a few scattered magical working groups barely in contact with each other, to the delightfully complex network of Pagan and Craft groves, circles, covens and study groups in which we now participate. Back then, you would have had to live in a large city, or in an established college town, to have been able to find books and magazines concerning anything other than established 'mainstream' wisdom. Now, we have many good bookstores, small-press publishers and Pagan journals, as well as the burgeoning Internet and Web at our disposal. Yes, we have come a long way.

What this growth in resources means is that sole-sourcing is no longer an issue in our religion. Where there might have been one magical group, or one coven, available to seekers who were lucky and diligent enough to find it, there are now many groups, many covens, and many seekers comparing and considering their options for training and development. This gives rise to the modern phenomenon of 'coven-shopping,' where a seeker may visit three or four groups before settling down to serious study and work. In the past decades, we've even seen people taking multiple courses of study, garnering training and initiations from several groups in succession.

By and large, this state of creative ferment is good for us, good for our communities, and in practice, good for the Earth and for our neighbours who have been watching us take our place in the broader society. For the teachers of magical practices, the leaders of Paganism and Craft, the widespread blossoming of alternatives means that we may no longer expect to be able to guide the seeker all the way from beginning explorations through to elderhood - we will have people come to us at all levels of expertise from initial questioning through to established practice, seeking our advice and our guidance - and, if we are fortunate, our lasting friendship.

Our blessings to you, to your students who work with you, and to future Pagan generations!

October 7, 1999
Judy Harrow / Gwyneth Harrow

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