Template for entry into adolescence:

Be sure to adapt to the people and situation you are working with!

Note: This ritual usually is done in the company of mature people of the Candidate's own gender.

  1. Create sacred space.
  2. Invoke Watchers and Deities as appropriate.
  3. Bring in Candidate (who must, at the entry to sacred space, surrender one or more tokens of childhood: perhaps a favorite toy or item of clothing.)
  4. The Candidate faces a challenge designed to assess her/his readiness to enter the adolescent world (the challenge should be failable but not life-threatening, and in some way related to the adolescent responsibilities of their gender.)
  5. Impart lore, mysteries or advice appropriate to your gender and circumstances. (possibly concerning the responsibilities of an adolescent.)
  6. (optional) Administer Oaths.
  7. Present candidate with symbols or tokens of new status.
  8. Return space to normal use.
  9. Announce or confirm initiate's new status to the community.
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