Template for a Child Blessing

            be sure to adapt to the people and situation you are working with!

  1. Create sacred space.
  2. Invoke Watchers and Deities as appropriate.
  3. Statements on the nature and value of life from respected elders; could include brief readings of relevant story, song or poetry.
  4. Question the parent(s) as to their desire for the child’s growth and well-being.
  5. Identify the child’s sponsors (people who will serve as guardians in the event of parental incapacity or death, and who will aid the parents in the religious education of the child.)
  6. Ascertain the names (public and secret) by which the child is to be known.
  7. (optional) In preparation for the introduction of the child to the Gods, anoint and cense the child (taking care to use materials which will not irritate the child’s skin or lungs).
  8. The parent(s) and sponsor(s) of the child make formal commitments to the care and education of the child.
  9. Introduce the child by name (public and secret) to the Gods and Guardians.
  10. Ask the Gods and Guardians to protect and guide the child.
  11. Present the child to all present as a new infant member of the community.
  12. Feasting and presentation of small gifts from the community to the parents in trust for the child, as token of the community’s acceptance of their newest member.
  13. Thank and dismiss Deities and Watchers.
  14. Return space to normal use.
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