Template for a Handfasting:

Be sure to adapt to the people and situation you are working with!

1.               "Warm-up speech" to welcome and brief non-Pagan guests.

2.               Create sacred space.

3.               Invoke Watchers and Deities as appropriate.

4.               Processional.

5.               Statements on meaning of marriage from respected elders (could include parents, officiants, whoever the people being married would like to ask to speak, or readings of relevant story, song or poetry).

6.               Bless rings or other tokens of commitment.

7.               Exchange of vows and of rings (or whatever).

8.               Hand binding (individual blessings from selected guests or from all present).

9.               Raise power for the new marriage.

10.           Bless cup and plate. Usually, the newlyweds do this as their first act of married hospitality (while still bound -- a challenge). Others may assist in distributing the blessed food and beverage.

11.           Newlyweds jump broom (leap into the unknown new life together) and leave the Circle. There should be a place arranged where they can have some quiet time together, during which they will remove the symbolic bonds.

12.           Thank and dismiss Deities and Watchers.

13.        Close Circle.

(note: if this is a legal wedding, papers may be signed before, during, or immediately after the ritual.)

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