Template for a handparting

        be sure to adapt to the people and situation you are working with!

          1.       Create sacred space.

          2.       Invoke Watchers and Deities as appropriate.

          3.       Statements on meaning of handparting from respected elders; could
                   include readings of relevant story, song or poetry.

          4.       Question the couple as to their intent: ask each one three times over to
                   confirm that they wish to be handparted.

          5.       Question the couple as to their readiness.(if there are children
, do not proceed unless there is a mutually-negotiated
                    childcare arrangement in place

          6.       Guide each person to release the other from their vows of
                   handfasting. They may be able to end with “may there be peace
                   (or even friendship) between us.”

          7.       Severance or untying of handfasting cords (if available) or of tokens
                   representing them.

          8.       Removal of rings, bracelets or other tokens of handfasting.

          9.       Formal declaration of handparting, before witnesses if available.

          10.     Return of each person’s ring, bracelet or other token of marriage to
                   the other, reversing original exchange of tokens. This provides
                   option of later, private, disposal of  the item.

          11.     Thank and dismiss Deities and Watchers.

          12.     Return space to normal use.

          13.     Separate departure of the former couple.

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