Template for a Secular Wedding:

                         (based on Presbyterian model)

        Be sure to adapt to the people and situation you are working with!

          1.       Processional (music is optional: The Wedding March is ‘traditional’
                   in formal weddings and many non-Pagan guests may be reassured
                   by its use.

          2.       Inquiry as to whether there are any circumstances barring marriage
                   of the celebrants: “speak now or forever hold your peace.”

          3.       Statements on meaning of marriage from respected elders (could
                   include readings of relevant story, song or poetry

          4.       Blessing of the congregation upon the celebrants.

          5.       Call for witnesses to take heed.

          6.       Statement of the celebrant’s intent to be wed.

          7.       Exchange of vows and of rings (or other tokens).

          8.       Formal declaration of the marriage.

          9.       Execution of paperwork by celebrants, witnesses and officiant(s).

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